Lycamobile Pay As You Go Plans [Nationwide & International]

Lycamobile UK brings a wide range of attractive call, text and data plans for users. The UK is a place where thousands of students and millions of people come to study and work simultaneously. All of them need a reliable and affordable network to stay in touch with their homeland. Lycamobile is the best option for students, international and local people. It offers affordable bundles starting from 1p/minute. Besides packages, you can select “Pay-as-you-go”  to avail call/SMS/internet data at lowest charges.

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UK Call (Pay As You Go)

If you don’t want to use a 30-days package, you can use the “Pay-as-you-go” package. You will be charged Lycamobile standard charges for “Pay as you go.”

If you call to a network other than Lycamobile in the UK, you will pay 19p/minute. For landline calls in the UK, you pay 12p/minute. The details regarding this plan are as under:

Domestic CallsVoicemail RatesCalls to Special Rate NumbersSMS RatesMMS RatesInternet Rates
19p/minute to UK mobile, 12p/minute to UK landline Free 23p/minute access/service charges 19p/SMS Not available 12p/MB

Lycamobile International

Lycamobile offers a Pay-as-you-go plan not only for domestic users but also for international users. If you don’t activate any package and call to an international number, you will pay from 1p/minute up to 19p/minute. You can use “Pay-as-you-go” for Romania, Poland, the US, Turkey and South Asian countries.

CountryCalls to MobileCalls to LandlineText Message
China 3p/minute 1p/minute 19p/message
India 2p/minute 2p/minute 19p/message
Ireland 19p/minute 7p/minute 19p/message
Italy 19p/minute 7p/minute 19p/message
Pakistan 8p/minute 8p/minute 19p/message
Poland 5p/minute 1p/minute 19p/message
Romania 5p/minute 1p/minute 19p/message
Sri Lanka 15p/minute 12p/minute 19p/message
Turkey 12p/minute 3p/minute 19p/message
USA 6p/minute 6p/minute 19p/message


Should I buy a particular SIM card to use the “Pay-as-you-go” service?
No, you can use your current Lycamobile SIM to use this service and other bundles.
Are all SIM cards 4G enabled?
Yes, they are.
What is a SIM-only deal?
Lycamobile SIM only deal offers a complete pack of SMS, minutes and mobile data. This pack is valid for a month.
Is “Pay-as-you-go” valid while roaming in the EU regions?
Yes, you can use this service while roaming in some EU regions.
How to check data on Lycamobile?
Type “*137# and press call to know the leftover allowance in your Lycamobile account.

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