Lycamobile Italy Lycaworld Bundles: €5.00 – €10.00

Lycamobile call, sms and internet bundles for Italy

Lycaworld plans are immensely popular among Lycamobile users in Italy. These bundles are available at incredibly economic price and the users get all resources such as SMS, calling minutes and data volume, etc at the same price. Some Lycaworld plans bring international minutes too. The major reason for the popularity of Lycaworld bundles among users is that these plans are even valid during EU roaming. So, the users can consume data volume, SMS bundle, and calling minutes while visiting an EU region. Check below all Lycaworld bundles for Lycaworld users in Italy.

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Lycamobile Italy Lycaworld S Plan

This plan brings all-important resources for users. These resources can be used within 30 days. Check here the incentives and subscription details of this plan.

Package Price 🏷️ Min 🤙 SMS 📩 Validity 📲 Activation/Deactivation
Lycaworld S Plan 9.00€ Unlimited Lyca Italy Or 70 intl. min (Tunisia) unlimited Lyca Italy 30 Days Dial *139*16200#

Lycamobile Italy Lycaworld M Plan

Do you want more international minutes? Check this plan that brings lots of calling minutes, SMS, and EU free roaming.

Package Price 🏷️ Min 🤙 SMS 📩 Intl. Min Validity 📲 Activation/Deactivation
Lycaworld M Plan 10.00€ Unlimited Lyca Italy Or 1000 intl. min (Tunisia) Unlimited Lyca Italy 250 min 30 Days Dial *139*16500#


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