Lycamobile Helpline & Customer Service Details [UK & USA]

Lycamobile is the biggest telecom and internet service provider in European countries. It’s particularly the most-wanted telecom among international students in the UK due to cheap call, internet and SMS offers. Lycamobile UK offers a wide range of attractive call, text and internet bundles for local and international destinations.

To get details regarding their new promotions, bundles and offers, you need to know Lycamobile helpline and their customer service details.

Some new users don’t know how to activate their mobile accounts. Furthermore, they face internet connectivity issues while using Lycamobile service. That’s why; it’s important for them to know helpline and customer service to get help from the telecom company.

Lycamobile Contact & Customer Service in the UK

Since users belong to different nations in the UK, Lycamobile facilitates its users with multilingual customer service. It facilitates both English and non-English customers equally.

Helpline remains opened from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. It remains closed on Sunday.

Details regarding Lycamobile Customer Service are as following:

Dial “322” to contact Lycamobile Customer Service representative. You will be charged £0.09 for every call.

If you are calling from any other network than Lycamobile, dial 0207 132 0322.

People at international destinations can contact Lycamobile Customer Service by calling +44 207 132 0322.

You can also contact Customer Service by using Lycamobile official website. Click Here to access Lycamobile official site. You will see a form here. Fill it out and click “Send.” It’s active customer service. You will get a prompt response from it.

If you want to contact Lycamobile customer service, dial “321” to talk to him.

Lycamobile Customer Service in the USA

Lycamobile is not only providing telecom services in the UK but also in the USA. If you are a US Lycamobile user and you want to get assistance, use the following ways to contact customer service.

Telecom company works from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

If you are using Lycamobile service, you can access customer service representative by dialling “612.” It’s free and you will not pay even a single pie to use it.

People from other networks can contact to the customer service representative by dialling 1-866-277-3221.

If you are dialling from any other country than the USA, dial 1-845-301-1612. You will pay charges according to your current network and country.


You can contact to Lycamobile USA customer service by calling to “612.” Follow automated instructions to access customer service representative.


How can I talk to Lycamobile?
Dial 612 from Lycamobile number. Dial 1-866-277-3221 from any other phone. It’s a free service.
Is it free to call Lycamobile to Lycamobile?
It depends on the customer tariff plan you are using. Some plans offer free SMS and Lyca-to-Lyca calls.
How can I get my Lycamobile number back?
Dial “322” from Lycamobile and “0207 1320322” from any other number. Provide your PUK number to the customer service representative. Within 24 hours, your old number will be transferred to your new SIM.
How can I reactivate my Lycamobile SIM?
Visit the official site of Lycamobile and select “Activate your SIM.” Type your SIM’s PUK number written on the back of the SIM card.
Does Lycamobile have unlimited data?
Yes, Lycamobile offers an unlimited data plan. It costs £20/month and brings unlimited calls and texts.

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