Lebara Prepaid Data Plans (3G & 4G)

The best way to stay in touch with your loved ones is by using Skype, WhatsApp or social networking platforms. For them, you need a data volume either 3G or 4G. Lebara offers faster and uninterrupted data plans for users in the UK. Some data plan bring free local minutes whereas; others bring free SMS. Here, I am listing all 3G and 4G data plans offered by Lebara for a faster downloading.

1. 500MB Data Plan

For users who need to browse things few and far between, Lebara offers 500MB data plan. It brings hundreds of international minutes beside data volume. Check price and subscription details below.

PackagePrice 🏷️Data 📶Minutes 🤙SubscriptionValidity 📲
500MB Data Pass £5.00 500MB 100 International min Send "WEB500" to 38885 to activate, Send "STOP WEB500" to 38885 to de-activate 30 Days

2. Lebara 1GB Data Pass

If 500MB data volume isn’t sufficient for you, select this affordable plan. It brings 1GB 4G data for users along with some other incentives. Check subscription details and incentives here.

PackagePrice 🏷️Data 📶Minutes 🤙SubscriptionValidity 📲
1GB Data Pass £7.50 1GB 100 International min Send "WEB1GB" to 38885 to activate, Send "STOP WEB1GB" to 38885 to de-activate 30 Days

3. Lebara 2GB Data Pass

Some users do lots of research and they need more data volume than 1GB. Lebara offers this data package for them against some more money. Check details of this plan below.

PackagePrice 🏷️Data 📶Minutes 🤙SubscriptionValidity 📲
2GB Data Pass £10.00 2GB 100 International min Send "WEB2GB" to 38885 to activate, Send "STOP WEB2GB" to 38885 to de-activate 30 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • You can use international minutes for 20 destinations including Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and other EU countries.
  • You can’t use international minutes for South Asian countries.
  • Users can’t subscribe more than one data pass at the same time.
  • If you have sufficient balance, it will renew automatically after the expiry date.
  • Data pass is valid for 30 days.
  • All reserves are non-transferable.
  • If you are in a covered area, you get the 4G network, otherwise; it’s 3G.


How to check my balance?
You can check the balance by dialling *#1345# from Lebara SIM.
Can't I listen to my remaining balance?
Yes, you can listen to your remaining balance by dialling 5588.
Why some content is blocked?
Lebara blocks some content due to age restriction. Call to Lebara helpline to remove this restriction.
How can I change my plan?
Call 5588 to change your plan.
I wanted to subscribe Data Pass 1GB, but mistakenly I subscribed for 500MB data pass. Please help me.
If you haven’t used reserves, call to our helpline “5588” to change your plan.

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