How to Recharge Lycamobile UK (Online & By Voucher)

Top-up or recharge brings some more money to get SMS, call or internet volume. If you aren’t using a call package, often, you want to make an emergency call. Sometimes, you need credit to use the internet. So, it becomes crucial to recharge your mobile account.

If you are Lycamobile UK user, use the following methods to recharge your mobile account. Lycamobile offers prepaid mobile service for UK customers. In prepaid service, you recharge your mobile in advance. It’s important to know that Lycamobile doesn’t send you an alert SMS to let you know about the remaining credit. Check credit now and then to avoid the shortage of balance.

How to Top-up Lycamobile in the UK?

Once you top-up Lycamobile account, you can use different SMS, call and data services. Here, I am listing all the ways you can use to top-up your mobile account.

Recharge Online:

Recharge your account by using Lycamobile official site. If you activate your mobile account, you can use it for a top-up. Activating mobile account is a one-time process.

Follow the steps below in this context:

  • Go to the official site of Lycamobile UK
  • Create your mobile account by using your Lycamobile number and your complete name.
  • Now, use the “Top-up” option to recharge your mobile account.

Quick Top-Up

Another way to recharge your mobile account is known as “Quick top-up.” In this method, you don’t need to create a mobile account. You can instantly recharge your Lycamobile account within a couple of seconds. Follow the steps below in this context:

Go to the “Lycamobile Checkout.”

Insert your mobile number here and add the amount you want to top-up to your mobile. It should be between £5 and £100. Make sure that you recharge at least £20+ because it brings you a free credit.

Now, select the call/SMS or data plan you want to use and click “Proceed.”

It redirects you to the page where you add the detail regarding credit/debit card.

Automatic Recharge

If you don’t want to use the recharging process time and again, use the “Automatic recharge” option. It’s a one-time process. It will automatically top-up your mobile account with a particular amount of money when your account balance drops below a limit.

Follow the instructions below to use “automatic recharge.”

  • Create your account on Lycamobile’s official site. Open “Automatic Recharge” option there.
  • Fill the form by providing the required information.
  • Add a particular amount you want to top-up automatically to your account.
  • Set the minimum account balance when you want to get the automatic top-up.
  • For example, if you want to top-up £25 when your balance is less than £5, set these values in the given fields.
  • Now, add your Lycamobile number and other details.
  • Click “Save” to save the changes. That’s it. Now, your account will be recharged automatically.

By Using Voucher

The easiest way is to buy a Lycamobile voucher from any shop. Vouchers come with a particular number hidden under silver coating.

Follow the steps below in this context:

  • Buy a Lycamobile voucher from a shop.
  • It contains a specific number under silver coating. Scratch coating and find out the number.
  • Dial “321” from your Lycamobile number or dial *92# from any other number.
  • Follow automated instructions and enter the code on the voucher to your mobile.
  • You will receive a message alert that you have successfully topped-up the desired amount to your mobile account.

Note: You can recharge up to £50 by using a voucher.


I want to top-up for £100. Can I recharge via voucher?
No, you can’t. you can use online recharge method for it.
For how much time, a top-up is valid?
It remains valid for 90 days from the recharge date.
I am trying to access the Lycamobile official site, but it shows an error.
Lycamobile’s official site is not compatible with Firefox or Opera. It’s only compatible with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Try to open it in Google Chrome and IE.
Can I top-up my Lycamobile account via PayPal?
Yes, you can use PayPal to recharge your mobile account. But you get the confirmation message within a few minutes. Sometimes, it takes 10 minutes.

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